from 26 July 2012 to 1 August 2012 (Europe/Madrid)
Facultade de Informática, A Coruña
Europe/Madrid timezone
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D-Bus, PulseAudio, GStreamer and Telepathy In the Palm of your Hand

Presented by Mr. Reynaldo H. VERDEJO PINOCHET, Mr. Arun RAGHAVAN, Mr. Alvaro SOLIVEREZ on 26 Jul 2012 from 15:31 to 16:10


Technology trends have in a way redefined the desktop idea to now include mobile devices that were long ago considered mere accessories. In response; we at Collabora have been working on finding a way for proven and community driven desktop components into the mobile ecosystem. Android being now such a popular platform for handheld devices lead to the seemingly obvious choice of using it as a target for a now long running porting adventure that has overcome quite a large set of difficulties. The idea of the talk then, is to tell the story of the porting work from the point of view of developers who have been directly involved in the process of bringing the power of core components of the Gnome stack like; D-Bus, PulseAudio, GStreamer and Telepathy to this platform. Hopefully helping others attempting similar projects to understand and overcome the limitations imposed by it.


Location: Facultade de Informática
Room: Room 3.0

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