from 26 July 2012 to 1 August 2012 (Europe/Madrid)
Facultade de Informática, A Coruña
Europe/Madrid timezone
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How To Fix A Font

Presented by Nathan WILLIS on 28 Jul 2012 from 10:46 to 11:25


Fonts are integral to the computing experience, yet open source is just beginning to make headway in the wide adoption of open, modifiable, and redistributable fonts. Luckily, the best stepping stone to understanding font freedom is learning how to change and adapt an existing open font -- whether to correct a visual problem, or to add support for an underserved language. This talk will show how to modify and polish open typefaces, with an eye towards empowering users or developers to get involved, even if they have never studied font design.


Location: Facultade de Informática
Room: Room 3.0

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